Better Value for Retailers

The Hippo Sak 8 offers better value for retailers. With many features, a multitude of benefits, and Pak-it-Lite options, you’ll never want to go back to regular plastic bags.

  • Never needs double bagging
  • Enhances shopper satisfaction
  • Reusable at home
  • Doesn't tear, leak, or get holes
  • 20.6 inches in length


Reinforced Bottom Seal

The Hippo Strip makes the bottom of the bag over 500 times stronger than regular seals.
Eliminates weak stress points.

Increase Item Count

Hippo 8's large size and wide gussets can hold more items than your regular commodity bag; 8 - 10 items.
Fewer bags to carry home.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use 25% fewer bags. Hippo 8 can hold more weight which means more items per bag, fewer bags to carry home and fewer bags into our environment. Reuse at home.
Hippo 8 is 100% recyclable.

Pak-it-Lite Bags

Pak-it-Lite is a small t-shirt bag folded and packed into a roll. The bag is designed to decrease the usage of larger front-end bags and eliminate the clutter in your store’s front-end space.

  • Conveniently organize bags out of sight from customers
  • Efficiently get a bag for small purchases or separation of items

Why Pack-it-Lite?

Used For:

• Small purchases
• Separating food items (such as meat and crushable items)

Reasons For Using:

• Separating food items (such as meat and crushable items)
• Pak-it-Lite is conveniently placed onto a rack with a Hippo Clip and mini dispenser. Dispenser is specially designed to dispense one bag at a time.
• Reuse Pak-it-Lite as a mini trash bag at home or on a road trip
• Bag is produced with less raw material, thus, less material goes back in our environment

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