Fibrous Casings Distributor

Due to the fact that we do our own cutting, printing, and tying; we are able to customize your casings to meet your individual needs.

Mar/Co Sales also has very small minimums for custom printed casings – 250 pieces in most cases.

Types of Fibrous Casings


Industry standard. Most common & versatile casing available.

Protein Coated

Also known as "Meat Cling". Has extra meat adhesion.


Special coating which provides instant casing release.


Barrier casing that provides maximum shelf life. (Casings has a lining that does not take smoke)

Casing Options

Cap & Loop

String Tied


Untied (flats)


Vent Holes

Cut Length

we can do anything from 11" to 65"

Cut Length

Fine, Medium, or Heavy

ensuring only the finest quality